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We are Lahore number one escort girl service provider that values the escort needs of every single client with professionalism and top privacy.

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We are Islamabad number one escort girl service provider that values the escort needs of every single client with professionalism and top privacy. 

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If you are looking for the loveliest and hottest Agency or any other cities of Pakistan like Karachi , then you are at the right place. 

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About VIP Escort Service

Are you on a road trip looking to have a good time? Or is it just a business trip to new exotic areas to make deals? Are you on a vacation to free yourself from the mental troubles of the world? Or you just want to have a good time in a different place you’ve never been before? Whether your answers to these questions are affirmative, one thing is remains constant. That you need to have a good time whatever the reasons for your trips.

At VIP Escort Service, we've made it our duty to see that you get firsthand VIP escorts to cater for all your needs. We pride ourselves in creating exotic experiences by providing sexy escorts to our clients.

Pakistan is full of beautiful ladies and our top call girls beauty with brains trump any other escort agency. Coming up with this website was a culmination of an extensive search for escort services in Pakistan and to our surprise, no other company provided professional exhilarating experiences with their Escort Services. That's why we decided to set up this company to help individuals looking to have a good time and some out-of-this-world sexual experiences at the click of a button.

Why We Provide VIP Escort Services

To give you the best escort services

As stated, after extensive research online looking for VIP escort services in Pakistan, it came to our realization that there weren’t a good number of such companies. In any case, the ones we found were unscrupulous, unprofessional and gravitated more towards being scams.

We want every client to have unforgettable escort services

As an escort agency, we've made it our business to see each client has ecstatic experiences as they enjoy their trips. Most escort agencies only provide call girls and that's the end of your relationship with them. We go beyond and above that. We ensure that your chosen call girl gives you unforgettable experiences that leave you yearning for more. If you don’t have such an experience, you are guaranteed your money back.

We are the best at what we do 

If you happen to be in Pakistan and want to have the time of your life, then we're you go-to escort agency. You want a companion to keep you company? Call us. You want to enjoy your stay with someone to fulfill your sexual desires? Call us. We guarantee satisfaction levels of up to 100%.

Why Choose our VIP Escorts

If you're looking for the best escort service agency in Pakistan, then you need not look further. Why?

1. We have the sexiest, most beautiful top call girls in Pakistan. No other escort agency beats us. We have cemented our position as the best VIP escort service provider by ensuring any call girl you choose will handle you in the most unforgettable way.

2. Our top call girls are always available at only a click of a button. Always at your service is our motto, and we go above and beyond to give you ecstatic experiences. Our top call girls are well mannered and will treat you like a queen.

3. We have the sexiest call girls in and around Pakistan and you will most definitely not encounter such beauty anywhere else. We ensure that we only have the best-looking girls. We have hundreds of escort girls to give you a variety to choose from.

4. We conduct thorough background checks on all call girls and escort girls to ensure only the best of the best are lined up at your service. You do not want to go through the experience of having a con rob you and leave you desperate. Choose us for secure escort services.

5. We guarantee you 100% money back should anything go haywire due to our staff. Ours is a belief that the client is always king.

Our Mission is a VIP escort agency that has built up a reputation and cemented it's foothold as one of the best VIP escort agencies in Pakistan. Since our inception, our mission has always been one. To make sure that every client who uses our services, leaves with indelible experiences and looks forward for more.

We pride ourselves in creating conducive environment for easy interactions, and giving our clients maximum protection and security against fraudsters and cons.

We want every client to experience the true definition of VIP escorts with our escort services. With our sexy escorts, it becomes easy to for every client to find their tastes and preferences.

We want to see the escort industry revitalized and seen as a vital necessity to every businessman taking trips, vacationists, and everyone looking to have a good time. Our company is on the line to make this a reality

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